Key Flat Charters Policy

A booking with Key Flat Charters is a booking with Capt Luke Kelly. Time spent on the water is based on a complete fishing experience, rather than a strict hourly rule. Future bookings follow a first come, first serve basis. Rates are for a maximum of two adult anglers (excluding the captain).

Booking / Deposit Policy

Reservations require a $100 deposit per day via the PayPal link above. This guarantees your day or days on the water. Left to the captain’s discretion; any unforeseen events or weather eliminating the chance for charter will result in a full refund of any deposit. Charter cancelations from the customer’s behalf must be made 30 days in advance to receive deposit refund.


Here’s how it works:

  1. BulletConsider what time of year you’d like to fish and check your travel arrangements. (see Seasons and Charter Details for further info)

  1. BulletContact me with desired dates or timeframe. (see Contact for further info)

  1. BulletOnce availability is established, select amount of desired days, and pay your $100 per day deposit via the PayPal link. (see deposit policy below)

  1. BulletWhen I see your deposit go thru, I followup with a confirmation message via email or text and you’re all set, in the book.

  1. Bullet Third party PayPal site, no account needed for onetime CC payments.

  1. BulletSelect amount of days with arrows on right.

Rates are for a max of two anglers

rods, reels, flies, lures, license, and good times included!

Spring ‘Tarpon Season’

(March - June)

$650 per full day

Summer thru Winter

(July - February)

$400 - 4 hrs

$500 - 6 hrs

$600 - 8 hrs full day

4% service charge for all major credit cards